Acceledent Aura

AcceleDent is a device designed to increase the cell activity and blood flow in the bone around your teeth, to accelerate orthodontic treatment.

During orthodontic treatment, bone remodeling is how teeth move through bone. Force applied to the teeth cause bone cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts to mobilize around the root of the tooth. This cellular response causes changes in the bone surrounding the tooth that allow it to move through the bone.

Studies have shown that mechanical stimulation of bone can increase the rate of this process.  The Acceledent device vibrates your teeth and jawbone so that the moving teeth during treatment will move into their new placement faster and easier. In turn, this will reduce treatment time for patients in Invisalign or braces.

AcceleDent offers fast, safe, and gentle results for all patients and must be used for 20 minutes a day for effective results.


  • AcceleDent Aura uses Soft Pulse Technology for faster tooth movement
  • Can accelerate tooth movement for up to 50%
  • Hands-free device you can use while doing anything like reading, watching your favorite TV show, or even doing schoolwork. So no excuses!


  • AcceleDent is safe for all of our patients. Adolescents, teens, and adults alike
  • There have been no reports of risks to root resorption or loss of posterior anchorage
  • The AcceleDent Aura device has been cleared by the FDA as a Class Il medical device


  • AcceleDent has the potential to improve our patients’ orthodontic experience
  • The Soft Pulse Technology uses micropulses which are gentle and project about 8 times less force that the average electric toothbrush
  • AcceleDent is both lightweight and comfortable. You will easily get used to it!