Before and After Results

Pearly white teeth in one appointment! Contact us for ZOOM ADVANCED WHITENING details & promotions.
Restoration of the worn teeth with 6 upper porcelain veneers. Interesting case because the vertical dimension had to be increased with the use of ceramic crowns/onlays and direct restorations.
Restoring only the 2 front teeth with direct composite/bonding in one appointment. I would say very conservative treatment for a huge impact!
Giving these teeth a new life with 6 composite veneers in one appointment! Because this procedure was mostly an additive procedure, minimal teeth modification were done and no needles were needed for the entire treatment.
Correcting smile line for this lovely patient by 4 composite veneers in one appointment! Here we improved the colour, restored the worn teeth and created a set of upper teeth that follow the lower lip more harmoniously.
Amazing transformation for a patient with failing restorations and missing teeth, by saving all the remaining teeth with crown and bridge, upper & lower #partialdenture.
At Silver Maple Dental Our goal is to enhance the smile by doing as little as possible and still having a natural appearance. Here we just did whitening and replaced the old filling.
This 8 year old boy fell and broke the 2 front adult teeth. Direct composite/bonding was done with layering technique to create a lifelike result!